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In the year of 70 th there were young Ursuline from Indonesia studied in Manila. Ursuline bought a house in Steban Abada St. Quezon city. They stayed until finished study and they backed home afterwords. Because no one to stay anymore the house was sold.

In June 1990 The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila gave permission to Sr. Genevieva, osu delegate of Thai ursuline to establish an Ursuline house of studies. On March 26, 1992 it was the reality that Thai Ursuline bought a house 26 Dona Lucia St. Dona Carmen Subdivision; Quezon city. Since then young sisters from Thailand studied in manila. They backed home after finished study. 1995 all of them have been in their province.

1-1-1995 Ursuline Indonesia Province bought and took over the house, since then Indonesia (Ursuline take responsibility and Sr. Johana Mugirah has been there. Afterward Sr. Edith Ontiveros,osu (Ursuline Australia Province) joint to stay here for more than a year. Afterward 1995 Sr. Christina Pranata came and followed by Sr. Bernadette Ercih 2001, She joint rehabilitation for handicap children in Mindanadao until 2005. Continue Pastoral work in Quezon City up to now.

At the presence 3 of us we have different kinds of pastoral work as below:

  1. Sr. Christina Pranata full time to work for the improvement of “Basic Ecclesia Community (BEC)” Started with a small group in Mabuting Pastol Parish and now Sr. Christina to do service for BEC the whole Pharishes in the Diocese of Novaliches Quezon City. Here Ursuline has an important role for the improvement of BEC. Sr. Christina Pranata is very happy to do work service here.
  2. Sr. Bernadette Ercih has responsibility of rehabilitation program for the handicap children in Fairview Quezon city started 2009. 50 handicap children joint for their improvement. Aside of it Sr. Bernadette is doing other pastoral works in the Holy Trinity Parish in the clinic and Cathechism.
  3. Sr. Johana Mugirah did work service for the work waste children in Payatas dumpsite Quezon City for 7 years. Since 2001 up to now she has been doing pastoral work on “CBR” ( Community Based Rehabilitation) rehabilitation program for handicap children in Part of Mindanao exactly in Davao City, Davao del Sur, Davao de North, Davao Oriental, General Santos and Sarangani Province mostly in the rural and depressed areas. By God’s blessings rehab is going on even most of Mindanao areas are not secure enough. Now 275 handicap children join in one family under guide of Ursuline Sisters. Ursuline also has important role for the rehab of the handicap children here because in the rural, mountain areas no one institutes to do rehab for them. We learned that within 10 years many children are improve moral and physically.

Their parents are our important partner to do rehab. The number of the children is always increase especially from depressed areas we learned that they still need us for their Children.

Between 2000 – 2012 the members of young sisters from Indonesia came, they studied or courses. Some Junior sisters lived in either in Manila and Mindanao.

2002, Ursuline Indonesia bought the second house 24 Dona Lucia St.. The Priority on using this house is for pastoral service either BEC, CBR, Pastoral work of the parish and also for an evacuation center for the community around when they experience flash flood in the rainy season and typhoon.

By moral support, financial support and sometimes is help by donors our pastoral service is going on.