Friends of Saint Angela

The friends of Saint Angela (KSA = Kerabat Santa Angela) aim at living their faith in concrete love, in the midst of society, in accordance with the vocation of each, inspired by the spirituality of Saint Angela, as associates of the Ursulines. Christian adults, who wish to live the spirituality of St. Angela are invited to join the Friends of Saint Angela.

The Friends of Saint Angela live the spirituality of Saint Angela, each in his or her vocation of life and base their prayer life on this spirituality. Communication among the members is done directly and through a bulletin issued according to the articles received by the editor.

To nourish and develop the apirituality of St. Angela, the Friends of Saint Angela organize meetings. Regional meetings are held according to the situation and condition of each region. National meetings are held once a year, usually in the fourth week of June; the venue is decided upon common agreement.

Financial matters are handled in a family atmosphere.

If you are interested to lead a life of service with the spirit and commitment of the Friends of Saint Angela, you are welcome to join us!