Daughter of Santa Angela

Once upon a time
God dropped a spark of fire
like a spark of love
inti the heart of a woman,
Saint Angela.

This apark of fire
is still burning unto this day
in a group of women,
the Daughers of St, Angela
(PSA = Puteri Santa Angela)

The bear swingging its foreleg symbolizes the PSA spirit, always dynamic, and always seeking new ways by making changes in accordance with the needs of the present time. PSA is a group of lay women who seeks the fullness of life in Christ with the spirit of Saint Angela.

We believe that God has united us in a joyful reunion. Then we formed a union: “Puteri Santa Angela.”
Our rule of life, based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, is the commandmend of Love towards God and towarda others, mirrored in the writings of St. Angela. We live the freedom of the children of God and are happy in the certainty of his love.

To live life as a beautiful GIFT of GOD according to the way of Christ and the advice of St. Angela.