The Sisters of the Order of St. Ursula are involved in all kinds of social work: economical help, training, health care, employment, support, suggestions, prayer, etc. The ultimate aim of social work is particularly making people aware and empower them to be able to support themselves in life, perhaps in cooperation with others but not depending on others. The principle is: "giving the hook and not the fish".

Help can be given in the form of a fund or material goods needed as a provision for the person's enterprise, scholarship that enables the person to get the necessary knowledge and skill to work, help finding jobs, provide housing, or other fundamental and urgent needs.

Social work is done by an institution run by a group or a community, but mostly by Sisters individually who assist the poor in the neighborhood of the convent, relatives, personnel, acquaintances and the needy around us like tricycle drivers, thrash collectors, the homeless, workless, orphans, etc.

The sisters cooperate with various other institutions, e.g. the parish, orphanages, enterprises, educational and non formal institutes.

Dalam pelaksanaannya para suster bekerja sama dengan berbagai lembaga lain seperti pastor paroki, lembaga pendidikan, panti asuhan, perusahaan-perusahaan, lembaga-lembaga non formal.


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