Dental Health

The Yayasan Kesehatan Gigi Indonesia (Foundation for Dental Health) in Bandung is the only Ursuline foundation of the kind. Dental health is more understood as a preventive method, an attempt to take care of one's health to be able to serve othes.

Health in its broadest sense means mental, social and spiritual health, especially in taking care of oneself as a gift of God. Taking care of one's health means avoiding disease by developing a sound pattern of living, eating, activities, way of thinking balanced by physical excercises, yoga, meditation, relaxation, food combining, stress management.

The symptoms of disease are an indication that there is an imbalance between the person with its environment. Healing can be done through conventional medical care or alternative traditional methods according to the needs. Medical treatment has to go hand in hand with the conviction that the treatment is effective, trunst in the one who applies the healing and the relation between the patient and the healer.